To be the industry best at providing accurately measured and drawn as-built plans with 360 panoramic photo technology.

Core Values

No debt
Servant leadership
Best technology
Productive rest


To create value for our clients and shareholders by doing one thing efficiently and with utmost care.

What We Do

  • Survey and measure built environments
  • Take photos of built environments
  • Present graphic productions and photos in a highly organized and easily searchable manner.
  • Deliver deliverables electronically via the internet
  • Estimate and price our service by the square foot

Basic Service

Floor Plan with:
Walls, doorswings, plumbing, millworks, furniture, room labels with ceiling heights

  • 360 Panoramas inside and out
  • Flat photos of exterior including aerial
  • A project location map

Extended Service

Electrical & data/phone symbols, reflected ceiling plan, roof plan, interior or Ext elevations, dimensions, and anything else observable during the survey

Close-up photos of equipment, flir, photos and video.